Welcome to Williamstown Ballet Theater

Williamstown Ballet Theater is a ballet company and school devoted to providing access to a distinctive ballet based dance education aimed at enhancing character and fostering talent for the wider community of Williamstown. We are dedicated to developing well rounded, confident dancers through our deep commitment to combine excellence in technical training with a wide range of creative opportunities. We believe that by setting high expectations and providing exceptional role models, our students will gain the self confidence to reach their goals and face future

challenges with dignity.










Zoom codes available for our Sixth Annual recital!

(In person tickets available for close family members only)

May 22nd at 2:00 and 7:00 at the Grand Theatre,

Main Street Williamstown






















































Info Regarding Covid 19 Operations:

Williamstown Ballet has submitted reopening policies and procedures to the Gloucester County Head Prosecutor and has been granted permission to resume operations as of June 15, 2020. Based on our ability to provide a safe and sterile environment we are preparing to hold all of our Summer Programs. There will be limited space because of these policies and procedures.

Williamstown Ballet Theater Covid-19 Operational Instructions/Policies/Proceedures


Until further notice, these policies will be strictly enforced. Any student, Parent/Legal Guardian, Staff Member not in compliance will not be permitted into the facility at 144 Clinton Ave Williamstown.


  • Anyone entering the building must receive a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted into the building.

  • A signed waiver will be required every time anyone enters the building (one waiver per day is sufficient).​

  • Anyone over the age of 7 without a health restriction will be required to wear a face covering as is tolerable.

  • All in attendance must regularly use hand sanitizing stations.

  • All students must use a barre cover.

  • Dancers must only bring shoes and a small water bottle to class in a ziplock freezer bag to be placed in one spot for the entire time they are in attendance. If you prefer to carry your shoes and small water bottle you may do so. If you wear a small cover up it must be able to fit in the freezer bag. NO LOOSE, EXTRANEOUS ITEMS ALLOWED!!!


  • No equipment belonging to WBT beside the barres will be available for use. PBT dancers must bring their own yoga mat in a clear trash bag as well as ONE theraband.

  • Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.

  • Water breaks will be minimized.

  • All barres, surfaces and floors in each studio must be sanitized between NEW/CHANGING groups of students.

  • Bathrooms, doors and surfaces will receive regular sanitization.



Join us at 144 Clinton Ave, Williamstown, NJ 08094

Intermediate, Advanced and Pointe students, please be prepared for an evaluation.

Williamstown Ballet Presents....

"The Museum"

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