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Williamstown Ballet Theater is a ballet company and school devoted to providing access to a distinctive ballet based dance education aimed at enhancing character and fostering talent for the wider community of Williamstown. We are dedicated to developing well rounded, confident dancers through our deep commitment to combine excellence in technical training with a wide range of creative opportunities. We believe that by setting high expectations and providing exceptional role models, our students will gain the self confidence to reach their goals and face future

challenges with dignity.















New Info Regarding Covid 19 Operations:

Williamstown Ballet has submitted reopening policies and procedures to the Gloucester County Head Prosecutor and has been granted permission to resume operations as of June 15, 2020. Based on our ability to provide a safe and sterile environment we are preparing to hold all of our Summer Programs. There will be limited space because of these policies and procedures.

Williamstown Ballet Opening Procedures

Class sizes will be limited to accommodate the allowed capacity for indoor activities.


Students and Staff are required to adhere to all protocol required to keep a clean and sanitary environment in order to enter the premises.


Regular sanitation of the facility will occur per CDC guidelines. Bathrooms and surfaces will be sanitized between each class/use.


-The studio waiting room will be closed. All classes will be live recorded through Zoom to accommodate parental supervision as well as students who, based on circumstances are not able to attend class.


-All office, administrative and billing will be handled remotely and not in person.


-Students must be dropped off at their designated entrance and receive a temperature check before entering the building.


-Parents and guardians must sign a waiver for each class/event. (Attached below.)


-Face coverings are required for any person in attendance who is over the recommended age.


-Hand sanitizing stations will be available in both studios at the entrances. 


-Students will be required to keep all belongings secured in a labeled freezer bag.


-Dancers will be required to have a “barre cover” of their own to use while in the studio. (A cloth tube which wraps over the barre and attaches with velcro.)


-Clorox wipes and Lysol will be available to use between classes to sanitize barres and restrooms. 


-Studio A and B will be using separate entrances and will be assigned separate restrooms.


-Students who are in close contact with vulnerable persons may attend class through the Zoom recordings as is reasonably possible.






















Join us at 144 Clinton Ave, Williamstown, NJ 08094

Intermediate, Advanced and Pointe students, please be prepared for an evaluation.

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